Building Splunk Add-Ons

Having problems building a Splunk Add-On? During Splunk .conf19 we were proud to present ‘Building an Add-On Live’. James Odom’s presentation had a great reception and the ‘Demo Gods’ were with him on this occasion, check it out below: It is a step by step guide to developing a Splunk Add-On. In particular a … Continued

SPL Rehab

Discover the SPL Rehab app, presented by James Odom, Head of Service Delivery, during Splunk .conf19. We are proud to have been chosen to present in Las Vegas at .conf19, the annual Splunk conference. The SPL Rehab app was the first of three presentations we had been selected to perform during the conference. The … Continued

Troubleshoot Splunk Searches faster with SPL Rehab

By Tom West The Challenge Splunk is a great tool for combining data from various silos into one place, regardless of structure. However, once available, this amount of data can be difficult to navigate. Translating it into something meaningful can be challenging. In order to do so, Splunk Searches are needed, but they come with … Continued