A cost effective Splunk solution that gets straight to the point

Splunk lies at the heart of Converging Data. We know it back to front.

We therefore understand that, while Splunk is a powerful tool for your Cyber Security operations, it can also be a challenging one.

That’s why we’ve come up with a cost-effective, straight forward and solutions-focused package, aimed at making it easy to get started with Splunk.

  • It’s a great tool, but can I justify the upfront cost?
  • How much data will I need to ingest? This could get expensive.
  • Do I really need the ‘gold standard’?
  • I don’t have the skills in-house to ensure I get a return on my investment.

Customers’ often express these concerns when first considering Splunk, particularly SMEs: wary of making the capital expense before fully understanding the possibilities of the platform.

Introducing the Smart Start Package

The Converging Data Smart Start Package is designed to allow you to hit the ground running with Splunk: targeting specific, common pain points in your Cyber Security operations at a simple fixed cost, and underpinned by inclusive support and service consultancy.

Key features:

  • Deploy Splunk swiftly and simply for individual, targeted Cyber Security use cases.
  • Avoid the upfront costs of data ingestion and time needed for a business-wide Splunk platform.
  • Don’t risk overspend, through a fixed daily data ingestion*
  • Get up and running with an allocation of expert operational supportand time with our accredited Splunk Professional Services consultants.
  • Solve problems, generate meaningful security capabilities and drive optimal value, fast!

*Maximum total of 25GB daily ingest across all chosen use cases.

Targeted Splunk deployment, with support tailored to your needs

Through the Smart Start Package, Converging Data can help you harness the power of Splunk to quickly target a number of specific, common Cyber Security use cases.

Use Case: Basic Security Monitoring

  • Basic Brute Force Detection
  • Basic Malware Outbreak
  • Basic Scanning
  • Endpoint Uncleaned Malware Detection
  • Multiple Infections on Host
  • Recurring Infections on Host
  • User Login with Local Credentials

Use Case: Compliance

  • Access to In-scope Resources
  • Access to In-scope Resources Unencrypted
  • Endpoint Uncleaned Malware Detection
  • New Local Administrator Account

Use Case: Insider Threat

  • Flight Risk Web Browsing
  • Large Web Uploads
  • Source-based High Volume of DNS Traffic
  • User Login with Local Credentials
  • Local User Credentials

Use Case: Advanced Threat

  • New Domain Controller Authentication
  • Basic TOR Traffic Detection
  • Increased Number of Host Logins
  • New Interactive Login from a Service Account
  • New Local Administrator Account Identification
  • Windows Event Log Clearing

convering data use case

How We Help

Once you have identified the use cases that would most broadly benefit your operations, Converging Data will be on hand to help you put Splunk into action, including:

  • Deep dive into your organisation to understand existing Cyber Security capabilities, specific requirements and desired outcomes.
  • Comprehensive review of Splunk capabilities and how the platform will deliver for you.
  • Pre-installation and deployment support from our accredited Splunk Professional Services consultants.
  • Help to identify an effective roadmap of future opportunities, available from the deployed solution.
  • Ongoing support from our team of Splunk experts.

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The Converging Data Smart Start Package ensures the fastest, most cost-effective route to using Splunk to solve the specific operational Cyber Security challenges that matter in your business.

Whether you are a start-up, SME or larger IT department wanting to give Splunk a try, get in touch with Converting Data today.

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