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It’s challenging to work in IT Operations. Firstly, the huge amount of responsibilities that the team has to manage. From network infrastructure and server management to running a help desk and provisioning users, the daily functioning of the team can be a logistical test.

Secondly, the duality of the role – balancing IT needs with management objectives – can be tough. Covering running costs whilst trying to meet expectations for innovation makes budget management difficult.

All this is made harder due to the fact data is in silos, resulting in a lack of visibility, and therefore tough to manage and measure. Often teams can feel in a constant reactive state, being pulled in various directions by incidents, end users and managers. We want to change that.

Splunk for IT Operations

We use Splunk to deliver powerful solutions to meet your IT objectives. Here are the features we think makes it a great tool for IT Operations.

You can input data from almost anywhere.
This includes any and all IT streaming, machine, and historical data. This gives you the power to make valuable connections between information from across your whole organisation. It also helps your team work collaboratively.

Data is in real time.
When you can see data as it’s happening, you’re more likely to notice potential issues as they arise. This can help the IT Operations team reduce the number of business-impacting incidents.

Information can be visualised in dashboards.
With so much data to manage, IT Operations can be overwhelming. When you can visualise data and drill down to the key information, it’s far easier to manage and to draw insights from. Whether you’re trying to get a quick view of your workflow, training a new team member or presenting to a stakeholder, it helps to have data in an accessible, relevant format.

You can set up monitoring and alerting.
Detect early warning signs to stop problems in their tracks or check all is well across your stack, post-incident. Monitor vital information such as storage capacity to help you manage resources.

It has reporting functionality.
Measure and evaluate the work of the IT Operations team. You can see impact over longer time periods and measure analytics that span both business and IT functions.

Cloud integration
Splunk integrates with cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, allowing you to monitor migrations and forecast the number of instances you’ll need.

There’s a machine learning toolkit.
Splunk has out-of-the-box tools so you can start benefiting from predictive analytics early on. You could use this to forecast cloud demand to help with budget and resource management, or predict and prevent outages in advance.

It’s easy to scale.
As your business grows, your data does too. Splunk has the capacity to deal with this, so there’s no need for a new software deployment in five years’ time.

Business Benefits

Converging Data can help you with a solution, powered by Splunk and our range of apps to create a powerful IT Operations function. With this, your business can:

  • Reduce the amount of business-impacting IT incidents
  • Reduce costly system downtime
  • Improve team collaboration and efficiency
  • Save money by improving resource management
  • Improve productivity and innovation.


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