Threats in a connected world

A digitally connected world also means a world where your organisation and its assets are connected to potential threats.

From ransomware and malware attacks to hacking, DOS and DDOS attacks, the threat landscape means it has never been more important to get a full spectrum handle on your cyber security operation.

Building a security ‘nerve centre’

Converging Data can help you stay ahead of the curve by bringing together the multiple security data touchpoints within your organisation (network, cloud security, web proxy firewall, etc.) to create a single security data platform.

This ‘nerve centre’ provides a real-time, statistical view of your security performance and capabilities, visibility of threats, as well as the insights to inform decisions and actions – whether they be reactive or proactive.

A complete solution in six stages

For security monitoring, threat detection, compliance, fraud detection, insider threats, incident investigation / response and security operation centre automation, Converging Data offers a complete solution with its analytics driven security platform.

We can build and grow this platform within your organisation using a thorough, graduated six-stage process:

  • Stage 1: Collection
    Collect basic security logs and other machine data from your environment.
  • Stage 2: Normalisation
    Apply a standard security taxonomy and identify data.
  • Stage 3: Expansion
    Collect additional high-fidelity data sources, such as endpoint activity and network metadata to drive advanced attack detection.
  • Stage 4: Enrichment
    Augment security data with intelligence sources to better understand the context and impact of an event.
  • Stage 5: Automation and Orchestration
    Establish a consistent and repeatable security operation capability.
  • Stage 6: Advanced Detection
    Apply sophisticated detection mechanisms, including Machine Learning.

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