A digitally connected world is one that is vulnerable to attack. It has never been more important to have a robust cyber security plan in place. Not only do you need to protect against current risks, but you need to stay one step ahead and predict where the next attack could come from.

At Converging Data, we help businesses protect against attacks, reduce their risk and implement a security strategy. Whatever the size and nature of your work, breaches to security have the power to decimate your business, so it really does pay to invest in a platform.

Splunk for Cyber Security

We use Splunk to deliver powerful Cyber Security solutions. Here are some of the Splunk features that will help secure your business.

You can gather real-time data from almost anywhere.
Machine data is being generated across the organisation, captured in log files, travelling over your data networks, or being created in security applications.  Historical data from multiple security touchpoints can be enriched with external threat feed data. With data in one place, monitoring is easier as correlation searches make connections between information that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Data is in real time.
Don’t wait for something to impact before you notice it. See changes in data and spot potential vulnerabilities as they emerge. Notable events can be profiled in terms of risk to your organisation allowing your security resources to react in good time.

Information can be visualised in dashboards.
Putting information into the hands of decision makers, in a form which allows them to react quickly is key to our service. Whether you’re reacting to a security breach and need to see notable events fast, interested in KPI performance or presenting security improvements to stakeholders, the ability to visualise data is invaluable.

You can set up monitoring and alerting.
Speed up your response times and reduce risk with event-based alerts and KSI monitoring. These can be vital for securing defences in the heat of an attack, but also for flagging abnormal activity. This gives you the chance to investigate before an incident occurs.

Security Management Frameworks
Splunk has frameworks that make it faster and easier to get value from your security data. Use frameworks such as the Risk scoring and Notable Events Frameworks to prioritise and triage work, and the Threat Intelligence Framework to investigate threats and breaches.

Investigation tools
The Investigator journal and timeline helps teams manage, investigate and review events before, during and after an attack.

It’s easy to scale.
As your business expands, so does your security profile. Splunk has the flexibility and capacity to both scale and handle any increase in volume or complexity.

Benefits for your business

Here at Converging Data, we can help you implement a Cyber Security platform that is effective and innovative. With Splunk, you can:

  • Minimise the risk of cyber attacks
  • Increase the chances of spotting an attack before impact
  • Kill attacks fast if they arise
  • Analyse past events to identify trends and avoid similar incidents in future.


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To see a full list of Splunk Security features, visit their website.

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