Use Business Intelligence and Analytics to improve efficiencies, reach goals and get ahead of your competition. We help organisations make the future a reality with data solutions.

Business Intelligence brings together past and real-time data to make connections that will improve your work. You can use it to quickly spot correlations and solve issues. It’s essential for any business that wants to be more effective and efficient today.

Business Analytics is the next step – using data to predict future patterns and trends. This allows organisations to plan ahead, giving you the opportunity to make changes today to improve tomorrow.

Splunk for Business Intelligence and Analytics

We use Splunk to deliver Business Intelligence and Analytics. These are the features we think makes it great for this.

You can input data from almost anywhere.
This includes any and all IT streaming, machine, and historical data. This allows you to make connections between information from across your whole organisation.

Data is in real time.
When you can see data as it’s happening, you’re more likely to notice and stop potential issues before they impact – whether that’s on the factory floor, your online shop or in a hospital.

Information can be visualised in dashboards.
Whether you’re trying to get a quick view of how your KPIs are performing or you want to get a stakeholder on board, being able to visualise data makes it more manageable and impactful.

You can set up monitoring and alerting.
This means you can use your data not only for driving better decisions in the future, but to improve systems now.

It has reporting functionality.
This means you can measure and evaluate your work. You can see impact over longer time periods, helping buy-in and proving value for data-led decisions.

There’s a machine learning toolkit.
Splunk has out-of-the-box tools so you can start benefiting from predictive analytics early on. If you’re more advanced, it’s flexible enough for you to benefit as well.

It’s easy to scale.
As your business grows, your data does too. Splunk has the capacity to deal with this, so there’s no need for a new software deployment in five years’ time.

Benefits for your business

Here at Converging Data, we can help you with Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that will transform your business. With the right tools, your organisation will:

  • Become more efficient.
  • Save money.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Get ahead of the competition.


Speak to us today to find out how you can use your data to bring your organisation into the future.

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