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Working with NHS Organisations and Private Hospitals in the UK we have developed processes and applications to collect and decode complex HL7 data.

Check out details of what can be achieved using Splunk to enrich HL7 data

Splunk is great for healthcare!

Healthcare organisations are typically made up of systems which are inter-dependent, but not always inter-connected. They are swimming in unstructured data and have legacy systems awaiting upgrades.

Splunk has allowed us to cut through these issues to provide up to date information. Consequently, we are able to view patient flow around the organisation.

Therefore, using Splunk we can analyse hospital data to aid decision making to improve performance throughout, for example:

  • Help to shorten Accident and Emergency waiting times.
  • Management of bed capacity
  • Increasing operating room efficiency
  • Allowing better access to treatments, such as chemotherapy

Apply Converging Data’s use cases to monitor how care is being delivered in real-time.

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