A visual guide to Identity and Access Management for Government services

We've just published a visual guide to identity management in Government, having previously used it in the DWP, NHS, and the MoD. to upskill both internal staff and civil servants in the complexities of identity management.

A representative image of keys
Just because identity management is complex doesn't mean it has to be difficult.

Having worked on numerous identity services across Government, we realise the value of having your whole team - from business analysts to designers and user researchers - understand the of identity and access management in building operable, user-centred government identity services. To this end, coinciding with our talk about a user-centred approach to digital identity at Think Digital Identity for Government, we've just publicly published a guide we've been using internally to up-skill teams in government identity management standards across a range of departments, from the NHS and DWP to MoD.

Given that making things open does indeed make things better, we hope this documentation is of value to other consultancies and civil servants working on identity services across government and are keen to hear views on what we can do to keep making this better!

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