Operationalise AI through Machine Learning to see the unseen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application through Machine Learning have unlocked the potential to analyse data, in real time, more deeply and systematically than humanly possible – literally – to identify the new trends, anomalies and opportunities that can help shape and deliver new value frontiers for your organisation.

The mountains of data that you generate is ready to be used as ‘fuel’ for initiatives powered by Machine Learning, but you need the platform and the skills to generate the insights.

Make the shift from reactive to proactive

Converging Data applies Machine Learning to your data to help you drive actionable insights, predictive modelling and forecasting through machine-speed analysis and monitoring that’s powered by automated processes.

This powerful combination ultimately informs faster, smarter and more proactive detection, response time and decision making for your organisation – from business transactions and IT processes, to IoT connections, security operations and more. This in turn can lead to improved performance and outcomes, while reducing costs and resource utilisation.

Depending on the use case, we can either apply existing tools and established algorithms, or we can work with you to profile the hypothesis and develop new Machine Learning models that apply to your environment.

Example model cases include:

  • Real-time pattern monitoring of business performance data (e.g. daily sales figures) against the norm, providing an early indicator of shortfalls / when things aren’t working.
  • Monitoring compliance levels against standard, regulated patterns (e.g. for regulation of healthcare prescribing) to ensure processes and procedures are being followed.
  • Ensuring preventative maintenance of factory and machine processes through mapping performance against historic data, potentially avoiding costly delays to production.

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