Read examples from our partner, Splunk, to see how you can use IoT data to transform your businesses. Then, find out more about our IoT Platform Delivery services.


Watch how the world’s busiest single-runway airport uses Splunk Cloud to improve operations and gain insights from the massive amount of data flowing through Gatwick’s systems. From reducing the time it takes to get through security to making sure more planes take off on time, Gatwick depends on Splunk Cloud to drive efficiencies and improve the overall passenger experience.


A leading flooring provider, Shaw Industries Group, used IoT analytics to improve work order lead times, increase production, reduce energy usage and cut costs.


In the rapidly evolving world of biotechnology where the content and format of data changes constantly, Myriad Genetics depends on Splunk to help patients get results much faster, predict health outcomes and measure drug effectiveness. 

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International humanitarian hunger relief organization Rise Against Hunger distributes food and other critical aid to vulnerable populations. Using Splunk has given them supply chain visibility, opportunities for optimising systems and an efficient way to maintain and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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