Powerful Real-Time Data Visualization for Assets and Inventory

As organizations seek cost-effective solutions to support goods management, RAIN RFID technology is emerging as a low-cost and high-benefit solution that helps automate asset and inventory management.

The Impinj IoT Connector for Splunk from Converging Data integrates RAIN RFID data from the Impinj platform into the Splunk interface and provides an asset management dashboard that allows users to easily visualize, track, and manage assets. With accurate data and analytics about items, businesses can make more informed, data-driven decisions about cost and operations.

Optimize Operations and Reduce Asset Management Cost

The Converging Data Impinj IoT Connector for Splunk delivers a powerful solution by enabling RAIN RFID data gathered by the Impinj platform to be visualized and analyzed within the Splunk interface. Businesses can reduce the overall costs of asset management by:

  • Streamlining preventive maintenance
  • Minimizing asset loss
  • Reducing manual processes

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