DevOps is increasingly accepted as the leading way to manage the system delivery cycle. Working well, DevOps brings together software development and IT operations, resulting in features and fixes that are fast, continuous and of a high standard. You can even embed security into the development process (DevSecOps). However:

Monitoring DevOps can be challenging

The complexity of hyper-converged and containerised infrastructure environments. The varying processes between teams. The lack of a central view of the process. All of this can be near impossible to manage, let alone analyse, troubleshoot or optimise.

Find the right tools

By using Splunk to take a more data-driven approach, you can transform your organisation’s DevOps process. Our team of Splunk specialists can help you:

  • View lifecycle data in one place
  • See information in real-time
  • Quickly assess and report on progress
  • Identify the impact changes have across the chain
  • Reduce risk by spotting issues earlier
  • Improve processes and increase efficiencies.

devops monitoring tools

We’ve even developed a suite of applications to combine data from GitLab, Azure, and more, to make your DevOps monitoring even easier.

Transform your DevOps today

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