Carbon Neutral
by 2025

Our commitment

We have developed a Carbon Reduction Plan which is based on Hippo becoming a net neutral business by 2025. This is in support of the government’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050.

About our Carbon Reduction Plan

Our plan ensures that as a business we:

  • actively promote carbon reduction initiatives

  • actively fund broader carbon offsetting initiatives

What is Hippo’s carbon footprint?

As part of our Carbon Reduction Plan we have baselined our carbon emissions for the year to 31st October 2021. This has been calculated at 234.77 tonnes (giving an intensity factor of 1.4 tonnes per employee).

We used a location based method to determine our electricity emissions using the DEFRA conversion factors.

We used a spend based approach to determine our supply chain emissions. We are a fully digital company and use this approach to measure all emissions from travel, meals, software, marketing, and services that we have purchased.

Using national average figures we have also estimated our emissions from employees through commuting and working from home.

Our targets

As a growing business we are targeting an 18.5% reduction in relation to our carbon intensity factor of 1.4 tonnes per employee by 2025. Any remaining carbon will be offset through carbon offsetting initiatives.

What projects do we have to reduce our carbon emissions?

We have a number of in-flight initiatives, but we are looking to expand and increase our initiatives as we put our Carbon Reduction Plan into action.

Inflight initiatives include:

  • New Hippo “Ways of Working” which identifies what work is best achieved face to face and what work can be done remotely in order to reduce unnecessary travel to client locations

  • Brought attention to our Cycle to Work Scheme for employees which includes the option of purchasing electric bikes

  • Company mobile phones are replaced a minimum of every three years (which is longer than a mobile network contract of 24 months). Old phones are donated to charity for re-use

  • Company laptops have a minimum lifespan of four years. Laptop won’t be refreshed automatically, but rather based on the device’s performance. Old laptops are donated to charity or can be purchased by employees

  • Our business utilises Google products e.g. G-Suite, G-cloud etc. with Google using 100% renewable energy

  • We have committed to fund an initiative to plant 5 trees each year to celebrate each Hippo’s (i.e. permanent Hippo employee’s) work anniversary (starting from January 2022)

Potential initiatives for the future include:

  • Introduction of an electric car salary sacrifice scheme

  • Moving our leased offices to renewable energy

  • Ensuring no single-use plastics in our offices

  • Reviewing the requirements for compliance with the ISO 14000 family of standards (environmental management system) with a view to achieving this accreditation by the end of 2023

  • Whilst our Carbon Reduction Plan is focused primarily on business emissions reductions, we plan on running an internal initiative called “Green Hippos” which will focus on providing our staff with greater information and support on how they can personally reduce their carbon footprint outside of work e.g. switching to renewable energy at home

  • Funding carbon offsetting initiatives


Below are some of the KPIs we will be tracking as part of our Carbon Reduction Plan:

KPIs we will be tracking as part of our Carbon Reduction Plan
Initiative Metrics to track progress
Travel for/to work
  • Number of staff utilising the Cycle to Work Scheme each year
  • Percentage of time employees work from home/travel
Business premises
  • Extent of single use plastic usage in the office environment
Energy usage
  • Number of kilowatts consumed in an office environment that are not supplied via a renewable energy source
Staff contributing outside of business activities
  • Number of staff opting to support environmental projects/initiatives that fall into their personal lives
Use of Technology
  • Average asset lifespan/replacement timeframes
  • Percentage of assets recycled/re-used rather than disposed of

What progress have we made so far?

We plan on measuring our carbon emissions every 3 months, and will publish our progress against our Carbon Reduction Plan at least every 12 months. The next yearly publication is 1st November 2022.

Download our plan

If you would like to download a copy of our Carbon Reduction Plan, click on the link below.