What we do

We create the 'whole' service - not just the user experience.

We'll gain a deep understanding of your organisation and work with you to ensure your digital services are both usable and operable.

We will measure how your digital services are performing, against both your users and your organisation's objectives.

We put people at the heart of everything we do.

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Our skills

Service delivery

We practice people-centred service design, underpinned by lean/agile principles.

Our core team includes user researchers, interaction designers, experience designers, delivery managers, content designers, application developers, business analysts, front-end developers and database engineers.

Strategic consultancy

Our senior consultants each have over 15 years of experience in setting up and managing £multi-million digital transformation programmes for both the private and public sectors. 

The team comprises product owners, service designers, programme managers, and enterprise architects.

Performance management

Our team of analysts work with the design and delivery team to inform decisions are made based on evidence. 

We work with all major analytics including Google Analytics, AEM, Tableau, Hotjar, VWO, and are premier Splunk partners.

How we can help you


Rapid service kick-start

We can turn your high level concept or policy goal into a deliverable backlog and roadmap. We use co-creation workshops, design sprints, proof of concepts and pop-up user research to rapidly explore new ideas.  We'll align teams around a common vision and a high-level plan to achieve that vision.


Iterative service delivery

Our multi-disciplinary delivery teams are made up of designers, researchers, developers and analysts.  We use repeated prototyping & testing cycles to make measurable improvements to your service, using an agile/lean framework such as scrum, kanban or DevOps.


Infrastructure design and build

We don't favour a particular technology - we build the right thing. We have built some of the UK's most secure & resilient infrastructures for NHS and DWP.  Our technical specialisms include AWS, Microsoft Azure, Forgerock, Splunk, headless CMS, progressive & native apps, and infrastructure-as-code.


Product strategy

Our senior product team can see the bigger picture within complex enterprise environments.  We can bring together multiple disparate services under one portfolio, to form a cohesive "whole service" that makes sense to you and your users.


Add extra capacity to your team

We give you extra people by providing high quality, vetted specialists at short notice at competitive day rates. We can deploy whole squads or just a single person, to any location within the UK, including people with security clearance or Government Service Standard experience.


Agile transformation

We give your organisation the skills required to work in an agile way that suits you.  Our 4-step agile maturity model give you a way to measure progress, and our practical "learn by doing" approach empowers teams and helps them develop a growth mindset.


Specialist expertise

We can fill the gaps in your team's knowledge by using our in-house experts in IdAM, healthcare, education, cyber security, accessibility, working with vulnerable people, and Splunk (among other subjects). For the UK public sector, we have trained Government Service assessors on staff.

Some of our clients

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Working with us
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Hippo team members
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What I love about my job is the collaborative and honest environment. We’re all here to support each other and work together to get stuff done.

Will Hepworth, UX Designer at Hippo
UX Designer Will Hepworth working on a project for the National Careers Service