Making data make sense

Converging Data makes your data work for you.

We take the disparate, untapped data from your business and turn it in to powerful business solutions, valuable, actionable insights and real-time information for effective and accelerated decision making.

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Service Logo AI and Machine Learning

AI and its application through Machine Learning has the potential to analyse data more deeply than ever before. Work with us to discover unprecedented opportunities.

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Service Logo Security

Converging Data can help you stay ahead of the curve by bringing together the multiple security data touchpoints within your organisation to create a single security data platform.

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Service Logo DevOps Monitoring Tools

Converging Data helps you keep on top of DevOps and DevSecOps with a suite of applications that help capture reporting data from across the development lifecycle.

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Service Logo Splunk Operational Support

Converging Data offers flexible, reactive operational support for Splunk, which can be flexed and tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation.

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Service Logo IoT Data Platforms

Use IoT data to drive business change. Round-up disparate data from your organisation’s connected systems, sensors and applications into one real-time platform to visualise, track and manage assets.

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Service Logo Splunk Professional Services

Converging Data calls upon a team of Splunk Accredited Consultants to help you deploy and manage this powerful software quickly and effectively.

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Converging Data has selected the very best products on the basis that we use them ourselves. They integrate into our 'Data Fabric' and we have extensive experience in deploying them, which means we can focus on delivering data-driven insights, capabilities and outcomes for your business.

  • Splunk
  • Cribl
  • Gemini
  • Elastic Search
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  • Michael Halsey

    Solutions Architect

  • Thomas West

    Solutions Architect

  • Sally Murphy

    Finance Director

  • Tom Longfield

    Tom Longfield

    Solutions Architect

  • Joel Dyer

    Joel Dyer

    Solutions Architect

  • Neil Murphy

    Neil Murphy

    Managing Director

  • James Odom

    James Odom

    Head Of Service Delivery

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